Vinification Levage des vins


Each vintage is produced separately in order to preserve its unique qualities.
Our wines conserve the natural taste of the grapes. Our goal is to extract the grape’s full potential gently and naturally, so guaranteeing production of wines that express the very best our terroir has to offer.
Fermentation takes place naturally at controlled temperatures and without addition of yeast, in vats separated according to type and vintage.

Refining and maturing
When fermentation is complete, the next task awaits us. The art of structuring and the ways in which refining and maturing is handled create the various wines which make each of our ranges so special. These subtle combinations come to fruition during the maturation stage, which takes place in vats or casks and takes account of the smoothness, fullness, fruit and typicity desired.

Only Jérôme, master of the wine shed, can decide when a wine is ready for bottling. This is a delicate operation and is carried out with the greatest care
in order to ensure the best possible conditions for conserving these heaven-sent nectars.
Some of the precious bottles are bedded down in the cellar for a few years and left to their own devices – perfecting the pleasure you will have when you finally get to taste them.

Domaine Sauvète
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