Domaine Sauvète : les labours de printemps labour de printemps La taille culture biologique éprampage effeuillage

Working the soil

We work the soil from early winter onwards, covering stock in mould to protect it from frost.
Work carried out in spring, on the other hand, helps to bring warmth to stock, freeing it from the protecting earth.
In summer, the "cavaillon" (the earth beneath the rows) is kept clear by bouts of mechanical hoeing.
The spaces between rows remain covered with natural flora favourable to the existence of a variety of animal life.
Working the vine

Our vineyards are organically cultivated (Ecocert certification).
Our vines are cultivated and cared for without use of fertilisers or chemical products.
Every stage of work throughout the year is carried out with meticulous care, and largely by hand.
Pruning is carried out between December and March and determines probable yield, according to length of vine shoots. Each plot is pruned in a particular way, varying according to the strength of the plant, the soil and, consequently, the harvest.
Thinning out.
This essential task consists of removing numbers of buds. Only the finest and best distributed branches are kept.
Manual deleafing after grapes have formed gives clusters better exposure to the sun’s rays.
The operation is carried out along with removal of numbers of clusters, with a view to encouraging development of the finest among them, and so guaranteeing a healthy and balanced harvest.
Improvement in the ways our vines are cultivated is all important. We therefore prefer to obtain lower yields from our 16 hectares in order to ensure top-quality harvests.
The grapes on each piece of land are brought to full ripeness and meticulously selected. Harvesting is carried out by hand in order to ensure that the fruit remains undamaged until it reaches the vat and the winepress.

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